Offered Solutions Detail


Online banners are the first thing visitors see when they land on your page. Using high quality, adjustable images scalable to different screen sizes makes them always look good.


Have a custom logo designed to reflect your personality and style. Paying attention to branding, colors and shapes helps your logo increase awareness and recall.


Your websites will use buttons to get your audience to the right pages. We can design any kind you like! Round, square, rectangle, any shape, color, text. You want it, you got it.


Design services are available for digital album covers and physical album covers. Make sure people get something they can judge by the cover.


Business cards, posters or anything other printing need. I have experience working with many different layouts, and paper weights. Let’s create something beautiful people can hold.

I’ve designed menus for the Michelin recommended restaurant Culina, at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Los Angeles California. We used a variety of different menu formats and styles for our high end guests.


responsive Design

I design with devices in mind, and ensure it looks good on phones, desktops, and TV. With more and more people finding what they love on their smartphones and displaying it on their TV, you want your site to look good no matter what screen size.


Bilingual Sites

Studies show that languages impact consumer behaviour. Offering your site in more than one language can help drive more action. I offer French & English, but no language is off the table.


Photography & Videography

The average brain responds better to photography and video when compared to text. I can offer you visually pleasing photos and videos to help increase responsiveness to your site.



Words, pace and placement can influence everything from SEO to your audience’s ability to connect with you. I take the information you want to show the world and turn it into something that helps your site work for you.



There are millions of themes available these days, but who really wants to spend the time going through all of them to find THE ONE? With custom HTML and CSS, make almost any theme look one-of-a kind!



Depending on the guide you choose, the style guide offers you help for basic changes, while the setup guide is an extensive guide to set your site up from the ground up using Google Compute Engine.


If you don’t already have your website address, I can help you get it, or take care of it on your behalf.


You have a preferred hosting company? I can work with them to set-up your hosting or walk you through it. Don’t know who to use? see below for more options.


The little lock icon beside your domain name, shows people you care about their information being protected.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. It makes uploading new content to your site easier than it used to be. My style guide can help you navigate the basics of WordPress.


You don’t have to make your personal email address public! Get a custom email address to match your domain, and keep your personal stuff separate from business.


Whether your selling merchandise as an artist, or you’re a restaurant looking to offer an easy way for your patrons to order out. Setup an online store and put some $$ in YOUR pocket.

known hosting companies

There are a whole bunch of hosting companies available. A simple google search will give you a bunch of options. I’ve used these three, with pretty good results.

GoDaddy | HostGator | ISP Config

The advantage of using these is you don’t have to take the time to setup the security components of setting up a brand-new hosting environment, they often give you some sort of guarantee, and usually offer 24/7 customer support.

google compute engine

Don’t have a company in mind, and want to try something a little different? I can host your site on the Google Compute Engine. It doesn’t come with an official guarantee, or customer support, but the costs reflect that. It’s the same system that hosts things like Google Search, YouTube and more so you can imagine what kind of services you’ll get!

dedicated servers

Sites are often hosted on a network of servers or shared servers. There’s a lot of traffic on those machines, which causes slow downs in page loading and slows you down when you try to update your site. I can offer you the option of a dedicated server for faster response time!


I’m certified in Google Ads, which means what? I know how to choose, create, implement and track a variety of Google ads throughout their different platforms. Facebook Blueprint certifications will be coming soon.


Search Engine Optimization is a whole other language. It really comes down to how your website is being read, and how the search engine pulls the information from your site. Things like layout, alt text, titles, and pictures can all have an impact on SEO. Make your site score higher and look great on search results.


What can be said about tags…there are so many different kinds. Tags on pictures, marketing tags, and #hashtags are all tags, but they work differently. Ensuring your content is tagged properly can give you better insights, and better visibility. I make sure we use the right ones at the right time!


Branding has become one of the most important things in the industry. You want people to know about you and feel so strongly about you that they will buy something without researching simply because it has your name on it. This happens when you impact a person psychologically. Colours, shapes, reputation, and marketing can all help leave that mark.


Using analytics reports is one of the key tools used to see how your plan is working, or not. It can be time consuming to review all these reports and put them all together to see a big picture, that’s when I can come in. I take in all your marketing data, and give you ONE report with all the info you need to make your decisions moving forward.


We use current industry benchmarks to see where you stand and then use those to setup a plan to get your business growing towards your goal.